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Commercial Energy Products

  1. Fixed Rate
    Rate is fixed throughout the term of the contract. This product is the most conservative which provides budget certainty.
  2. Index Rate
    Rate is based off the index rate published every 15 minutes on the ERCOT website. This product is highly risky but 2016 Houston Zone, on a flat average, was $25.77. Highly risky but good reward if market stays like 2016.
  3. Heat Rate
    Product locks in the Heat Rate and retail adder but leaves open natural gas positions. This product is great if you think natural gas will drop and have a small risk appetite. This product requires locking natural gas or you default to natural gas month end close.
  4. Hybrid Rate
    Rate is a combination of the Fixed Rate and Index Rate products. The great thing about this product you can lock all of the Index Rate whenever you feel the market is in your favor. Must lock in 25% or greater increments.
  5. Block and Index
    Block rate will be fixed and the remaining usage will be Index Rate. This product is similar to the Hybrid Rate but on a bigger scale. Lots of moving parts on this product so invoice auditing will be required.
  6. Layered Rate
    Product is for the largest energy consumers. Requires position management and invoice auditing. Must have at least 2 MW in demand.