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Putting Your Needs First
Evaluation to customize the appropriate products for your business. 
15 years of deregulated energy procurement and financial accounting for private and public businesses.
Manage small, meduim, and large businesses to
maximize profits.
Keep it Simple
EFA provides the expertise on your energy and fiancial needs so you can focus on the core buisness.  Our stategy is Evaluation, Recommendation, and Implementation.
EASY AS 1 - 2 - 3
Did you know?
  • 8% of small commercial in ERCOT have not switched. ​​DON'T BE THE 8 %.
  • Payroll should be 15 to 30 % of your gross income. 
  • 42% of complaints in ERCOT are billing issues. We provide a thorough bill audit.
  • Commissions are fully deductable.
  • 23% of power generation in ERCOT is wind generation. Green incentives are available. 

Step 1


We will work around your schedule to ensure implementation without  interruption. 

Step 2


We provide a thorough analysis of your energy and financial needs. 

Step 3


Proposal will be provided within 24 hours after the evaluation period.